Polygonum (Polygonaceae) in Chile


  • Sebastián Teillier Escuela de Arquitectura y Paisaje, Universidad Central de Chile, Santiago, Chile
  • Raúl Peña Consultor independiente, San Francisco de Mostazal, Chile
  • Jorge Macaya-Berti Cedrem Consultores Ltda., Santiago, Chile


Nueva Flora de Chile, Polygonaceae


Polygonum L. s.l. (Polygonaceae) included about 200 herbaceous or scrubby species, distributed in all temperate and warm regions of the world. Since the genus in Chile has not been reviewed since Claudio Gay’s flora, the genus has been reviewed in the framework of the “New Flora of Chile” project. As a result of the taxonomic revision we establish that Polygonum in Chile is represented by eleven species; two possibly endemic, P. bowenkampii Phil. and P. delfinii Phil.; two native, P. hydropiperoides Michx. and P. maritimum L.; and seven alien, P. acuminatum Kunth., P. aviculare L., P. campanulatum Hook. f., P. hydropiper L., P. lapathifolium L., P. orientale L. and P. persicaria L. The following lectotypes are here designated: Polygonum araucanum Phil., Polygonum caballeroi Phil., Polygonum glareosum Phil., Polygonum sanguinaria, J. Remy, Polygonum valdivianum Phil., and Polygonum virgatum Cham. & Schltdl.


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Teillier, S.; Peña, R. .; Macaya-Berti, J. Polygonum (Polygonaceae) in Chile. Gayana Bot. 2021, 78, 1-18.




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