About the Journal

GAYANA BOTANICA, dedicated to the French naturalist Claude Gay, is a journal for the rapid publication of original research in all areas of the biology of plants and fungi.

GAYANA BOTANICA is published by Universidad de Concepción, and is the official organ of the Botanical Society of Chile. One volume appears annually, divided into two numbers.

The journal welcomes work carried out by scientists of all nationalities, prepared according to the norms presented below. Manuscripts may be written in either English or Spanish.

Systematic, taxonomic, cytological, and phytochemical studies should be backed up by material deposited in state herbariums or other institutions readily accessible to the scientific community.

GAYANA BOTANICA also receives books for review, notices of scientific events, and obituaries, which are published free of charge after acceptance.

The journal is accredited with the International Association for Plant Taxonomy for the purpose of new names of vascular plants and fungi.